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This is what our customers had to say about our food and services.

Sophia OnSophia On
04:13 13 Jul 22
Regular here. Amazing quality seafood and sushi. Extremely fresh and tasty. Would highly recommend.
06:26 05 Jul 22
Wow, this is such a good sushi place. It is definitely worth a visit. 🙂
Lia DoLia Do
09:27 01 Jul 22
Loving the serivce at GW store also the amazing quality of the fresh sushi and the platters are outstanding! Best place for take away on the Easter suburbs!! Can’t go wrong!!!
geraldine hgeraldine h
04:56 30 Jun 22
quick n easy lunch! gets super busy but is worth the wait. been going for years n is quality !!!!
Joyce KJoyce K
13:34 26 May 22
Very fresh sushi, seafood, oysters. A variety of sushi and sashimi to choose from. Lovely warm reception from the staff. Will definitely be back to try more dishes!
Maree ForteMaree Forte
23:54 06 Apr 22
We had the delux platter and the vegetarian platter along with some seaweed salad. The food was terrific and we all enjoyed it. The prices are also very reasonable.
17:09 06 Apr 22
Just woke up from a bad stomachache at 3AM after eating their sushi tonight. Been vomiting ever since...I always buy my sushi here whenever I can and it's been fine but the diced salmon gunkan today tasted a little off. At the time, I couldn't really tell with all the marinate in it but pretty sure that's what caused it.Please make sure you fresh ingredients are used for every sushi, disappointed and put off eating all sushi for a while 🙁
Hakan TarakciHakan Tarakci
10:54 16 Mar 22
Amazing fresh seafood! Highly recommend Maguro if you are craving freshly shucked oysters, nigiri, sushi and sashimi. Melt in your mouth, incredibly flavourful and reasonably priced for the quality you get. Been here many many time and consistently the best in town!
02:49 13 Mar 22
Best sushi and sashimi in town! Super fresh and great value for money. 12 beautiful sashimi slices for $13.50 which would easily cost $18 in a restaurant setting but even fresher (no fishy taste). I come every weekend because it’s just that good! My only feedback to management is to improve the line-up process…it can be annoying when all you want is a hand roll but have to line up behind everyone looking at the platters and taking a long time to pick….might be good to have a sign saying ‘order for hand rolls’ so make it quicker for everyone…but like I said I come back every weekend anyway 🙂
Bam BamBam Bam
23:22 20 Feb 22
Order on-line and pick up process was smooth and easy. Everything was prepared and ready when I arrived. I spent about 1 minute to collect my platter. As always, the food was fresh and delicious.
Kerry LinKerry Lin
05:52 19 Feb 22
The best sushi I’ve ever had and at reasonable prices. Quick service. Discounts at the end of the day.Very generous meat/seafood portion for the sushi. Absolutely delicious. I can’t stop coming back all the time for more!
Ngoc Han HoNgoc Han Ho
09:38 14 Feb 22
Really loved our first experience with Maguro Bar Sushi. Ordering online was simple, pick up access was easy. Best of all, the sushi was amazing to share with family and friends.
Nathan ChokNathan Chok
05:04 21 Jan 22
Sushi here is very fresh and tasty. You can find several types of sushi and specialty items, which are difficult to find elsewhere at a reasonable price. The party platters are also very good in terms of value for money.
Walter ChangWalter Chang
02:28 03 Dec 21
The best sushi in Melbourne. So fresh and sophisticated. Fresh oysters are outstanding. Love it. 😍
Wickd ChinWickd Chin
04:15 08 May 21
Fresh, yummy and very reasonably priced. Nothing that I can complain about. If you're a fan of oysters, you'll have to give their fresh oysters a go!
Olivia TsangOlivia Tsang
07:30 05 Apr 21
I am going to try the platter, and it looks great!Good quality and the guy there offered a custom platter, since we wanted eel sushi.Really nice place and amazing decorationI eat there almost every week
15:08 03 Apr 21
I am a regular customer. In Covid situation, I cannot go back to Japan, but thanks to this shop, I enjoy my Australian life.I can say that it’s authentic and the best sushi takeaway shop in Melbourne.The quality and price is great and I appreciate they keep quality ever time I go.I hope they are gonna expand business like a sushi train restaurant or izakaya one day. If so, I would be a customer for it!
Alwin HoAlwin Ho
05:19 08 Mar 21
Just 2 simple words; EXTREMELY SATISFIED! We had a special order of the lobster sashimi and a large sushi and sashimi plater. Both tasted fresh and delicious. Will definitely recommend to anyone who has not tried them.
Araya and Co HalleAraya and Co Halle
03:43 25 Feb 21
I cannot explain enough how amazing and delicious this sushi is. I’m a huge sushi fan and the sushi here is easily the best I’ve ever had! Please open a sit down restaurant I would happily bring along my friends and family to try the delicious food!
Kim UnjiKim Unji
09:23 18 Feb 21
Got a small sashimi platter to share today. The sashimi slices were fresh and were delicious. While at the bar, we could see all the food prepared freshly before our eyes at the counter too. The staff were also very polite and we were delighted by their service.We will definitely recommend to try their sashimi and sushi. Did I mention that they have fresh oysters too? They look really good too!
Cynthia DoanCynthia Doan
04:09 04 Feb 21
Seriously the most incredible sushi for such a good price! Topped with amazing service as well... couldn't be happier. I just wish that in the future they would have a proper restraunt to dine in ?
Jojo TJojo T
04:49 03 Feb 21
Fresh sushi, delicious, light, and fast. There is seating nearby you can enjoy your sushi too. Delightful sushi bar, highly recommend
Sin Fong ChanSin Fong Chan
10:03 26 Jan 21
Maguro Bar - The GlenVisited on 11/1/2021Since its opening, it really gives another Sushi store a good run for its money. Maguro Bar is located just across the Asian grocer, which basically means guaranteed foot traffic. Indeed there is always a long queue at the store.The success of the store is the concept of selling takeaway colourful combo packs of Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, and fresh oyster, etc. The brightly lit store and display cabinets are a big plus.
Julie NguyenJulie Nguyen
11:30 14 Jan 21
Today I ordered the Sushi and Sashimi deluxe and the Uramaki platter last minute and the team here at Maguro Bar happily accepted and made two fresh platters for me. Not only did they make it efficiently but they also helped me get it to my car safely as I had my baby with me. Service with a smile, clean and very fresh and most importantly very tasty!
Summer N.Summer N.
11:27 05 Jan 21
Purchased 8 sushi during the happy hour on a Tuesday evening. Total 16 AUD. It is a good deal. The taste is about average, not much to complain about. There is a surcharge for card payments less than 20 AUD.